Belgian company Modular Lighting Instruments has been conquering the world since 1980 with its leading high-end architectural lighting, in which creativity and technology are key. In addition to the headquarters in Belgium, it has showrooms in New York, Milan, Amstelveen, Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and now Munich and sales outlets in more than eighty countries worldwide.

Next to the standard offering of architectural lighting solutions, Modular is specialized in customization of light lines, special lighting solutions and led sources requests from customers in Hospitality, Office and Retail segment. With a production site connected to the headquarters, we guarantee four start service to our customers. Lauded with several awards, Modular Lighting Instruments received a Good Design Award 2014 for Rektor and the iF award for Médard in 2015.

Warm dim

People sometimes long for a more intimate atmosphere. You know those dreary evenings when you want the mood to be just a tad sultrier. This need is exactly why Modular introduced warm dimming for multiple LED fixtures. The technology enables you to dim LEDs and create the same warm ambiance as with a dimmed halogen lamp. Matching high CRI values over dimming, a full range of beam angles and LED gears make for impeccable dimming results. Our in-house designers made sure this technology is perfectly integrated with the well-known Modular design and is much more efficient than any other technologies available on the market today!

Modular allows this technology to be combined with several fixtures, such as our Smart series, but plans on expanding it to more fixtures soon.

Connected Lighting

Modular is proud to be the very first architectural lighting company in the world to tap into the power of connected lighting. This technology comes with a wide array of advantages, allowing you to control lighting. Anywhere, anytime, through your smart devices. Connected lighting enables a quick changing of lighting intensity and brightness to match the mood. Or you can set and activate different light routines, such as waking-up, arrive at home etc. Thanks to the myriad of possibilities, you can sync your connected lighting to music, locks, bells, thermostats etc.

Sensitivity to light

Light is a sensitive thing. It’s as inviting as it is fickle. It illuminates and blinds at the same time. Those who are sensitive to light, know its power. We at Modular share this sensitivity with some exceptional people and animals. Artists, architects and designers, but also night butterflies and albinos show us the extent of what light is capable of. Let yourself be inspired by those that sense light before they have even seen it.